Once Again! Am Back

I know that I’ve tried to make a come back a little before. But you know how it goes. Life’s pretty fast and busy.

Due to factors like unavailability of fast and easy internet connections, so much stuff to do at school and more importantly my fluctuating interest in doing things… I left my blog dormant.

But know I’m back, hoping to continue blogging for a long time.
I’m trying to make use of mobile blogging here with the wordpress app for android. Hoping this would work.

Things To Think Before Starting the Blog

So, If you’ve decided to start a blog and share your skills, tips, ideas or stuff, or start an online business. There are some preparations you gotta do before you just start the blog. Of course planning helps to do things with perfection.
Instead you can go the hard way, by just going ahead to start the blog and face what comes. I’m not actually against that.
“Experience is the best teacher”

But if you’re planning on doing something serious (for instance, running an online business by starting a ‘Not-Free’ blog), the lack of planning may cause some loss.

So lets see, what all we have to consider,


The first thing you have to decide. This might be easy for someone who has some niche they’re highly passionate about or are professional in. But for some who ‘feel’ they are not much special in a particular thing may find this very hard and unstable.

However, the point is not to select a topic which you don’t find interesting to ‘learn more about’. I don’t say you have to take a professional degree in your niche (topic). You should have some interest and confidence that you’ll be able to explore more about it. Don’t go with topics that are so much against your potential.

For example, a person using computer for simple purposes should not go for topics like programming, even if he thinks he can learn more about it, he is likely to leave the job halfway mainly because of the extra work he gotta do. But he can make it successful too, if he takes long learning time.

If you’re so not sure about your topic but still want to start a blog, try a personal blog. A personal blog is something about you, where you can post about your interests, hobbies, experiences etc. The readers of personal blogs are usually acquaintances and people of similar interests. You’ll learn more about blogging this way.


Suppose you have come up with a niche or have decided to start a personal blog. Now what you need is a name for it.

Niche Blog: For a blog based on a particular topic, you have to find a name close to the topic. It’s better if the name is able to describe about your blog/topic. Don’t use long, hard-to-spell or hard-to-remember words. It would be better if the words are from the dictionary.

Some famous blogs with nice names include problogger.net, smartpassiveincome.com, etc.

Personal Blogs: Here you’re rather free to choose names. It doesn’t have to be related to a topic. You can give your name, or something related to you. Or you can go for something random and attractive. Better make it short, easy and attractive.

Free or Premium-Selecting Hosting Service

If you’ve chosen blog’s topic and name then its time to start it up. For that, you gotta select your host first. You can blog free or spend very small amount of money for premium services.

There are many free blogging services like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr who provides good space and option to make a cool blog. If you wanna have it free then go for it.

Of course paid services are supposed to offer more services and options. More important point is that when you own a premium website, you actually own it! You’ll be the one having its license and complete freedom over its design and stuff.

For having a paid website you have to:

1. Buy a domain name (www.example.com). The payment is usually year wise.

Check out Life Hackers post on chosing Domain Name registrars

2. Set up web hosting. You need someone to host your blog unless you have your own server (computers connected to the computer which are switched own all the time as the files on the internet are stored in them). Servers are necessary only for mega large stuff and are costly.

So lets get back to hosting. There are many hosting services out there provided plans with different data space, bandwidth etc. Payment is mostly monthly.
Some popular services include hostgator, GoDaddy etc.

3. Install WordPress software. You’ll be having your own website by now. But it’ll be easier and less technical if you use wordpress application for blogging (free from wordpress.org)

If you don’t wanna spend that much money then you can go for buying a domain name alone and keep your free hosting service (like Blogger). But remember, you won’t have the license.

I would suggest you start the blog free as there are more chances for mistakes and loss in the beginning. Later you can shift it to a premium website.


If I have missed something please don’t hesitate to share it. Happy to learn more. Lets not forget that planning is necessary after starting the blog too. Busy bloggers even have yearly plans and goals. Lets plan too…

Hey! The Blog’s Back

The blog was idle for some time. But now its back with a change. Focusing on blogging from the view of beginners.

Hey check out “Blog Buddies” coming soon. We can be blog buddies and blog together. For more details related to the blog click here


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