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Starting The Run Today

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to blog for a long time but I couldn’t just keep it going. But I think this is the right time as I’m in college and my life is altering at a great pace. So I would like to welcome anyone reading this post (if anyone does read this post).

What my blog is about is the next question. I would say it is a personal blog but I wouldn’t want anyone to think of it as a wall where I post all that junk, all my selfies and stuff. No, I really wanna present something that I know or learn in an interesting way so you could do the same. Now don’t misunderstand me as some proud lad who thinks he has seen so much of life. I’m just a beginner, and I actually haven’t learned anything. But I want to make that an interesting experience and learn to take everything in the simpler, fun way and you can see this as an attempt.

Hope I could keep this blog vivid with my humor, stories and stuff. Would love your support.



I’m planning to post every Saturday =)



A blogger from India blogging about life and every vivid part of it

4 thoughts on “Starting The Run Today

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