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The Star Buck Rule: Never Test Two Things At The Same Time!

IMG_4556We’re just getting started and here is my first “Rule of Being Vivid (not in any order)”. I’m saying this for your sake as I’ve learned it the hard way (may be the funny way too). For someone like me, this quote is true:

“May be learning the hard way is the only way”

by I don’t know who

coffeeWe had always been fancy about those expensive coffee at Star bucks and other brands and wondered whats in those busy stores with all those cool interior. What attracts people to spend extra just for a coffee? Is it just the brand name. One day me and mom convinced dad to try it.

And we ended up in a Star Bucks shop at a mall. We felt like aliens at a strange planet not knowing what to do. An employee was busy writing on cups. Never expected he was writing customers name on it. In a branded coffee shop one might expect them to print your name on it, at least I did.

You see, we loved coffee but weren’t “coffee maniacs”, the ones who drink the dark and bitter ones. The only thing familiar on the menu was cappuccino but we couldn’t order that because we have them very often and my dad’s cappuccino is definitely the best without question. So we ended up ordering some coffee whose name I can’t even remember.

And the fun part was when we got the coffee. It was so bitter I couldn’t take a sip even after pouring packets of sugar in it. We ended up ordering some coffee which only those coffee maniacs might drink. Dad was laughing in our face (not literally) mocking us. May be he was hurt when we went for Star Bucks while we had his awesome cappuccino right with us. I tried to fight back saying this is some legendary coffee and our taste buds weren’t advanced enough.

Even though my argument was silly, the coffee wasn’t bad when we added milk in it on reaching home. Actually it was very good! It had a beautiful smell and immense flavor. But still you know, I would’ve preferred my dad’s cappuccino.

My experience wasn’t that bad but it might not be the same for you. So its better you follow the rule I propose.

“The Star Buck Rule: Never Test Two Things At The Same Time!”

Now lets get back to the big question. Those who think this is nothing but stupidity, I’m very sorry for you, may be God didn’t vest the power upon you to realize the big question that requires the attention of the society =0

“Why do people buy expensive coffee?”

Is this because some President asked them to do so in order to be happy just like in “The Lego Movie” (those who didn’t watch ‘The Lego Movie’ won’t get that)? ย This might not be the biggest problem in our world but as there are more than enough effort given to killing people for being suspected for killing cows, it doesn’t hurt spending some time on this.

The answer is simple. It’s the right mixture of publicity, presentation and may be some flavor, culture and finally time. Time is the power. We still believe in “Old is Gold” idea, may be literally. That is why we spend so much money for some antique compass which might not even point north, buy expensive coffee made by an old company and also keep our old people safely in retirement homes when home is no longer safe for them.

Tradition isn’t something we can deny. As they’ve been in the game they will surely know the game. But in some cases the extra bucks just isn’t worth the small difference in flavor, aroma and a brand logo on the cup. Or is it?



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