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How to Control Your Anger

Anger, is a very very big problem which can make you do very very stupid things. You’ll surely know, it can lead to broken toys, broken gadgets, broken toe nails and broken relationships (or just break ups). Its very painful thinking about it that a single wrong decision, a weakness at a moment can make such drastic changes. They do. So if you’re a person who gets angry easily continue reading this (even if you don’t get angry this might come handy, as you never know when you’re gonna blow your head).

I’m normally a cool person. My friends don’t find me angry usually but I do have my weak moments, a lot. Honestly I’ve gone through a state where I was just exploding for very silly things (I don’t know why but I never did that in front of people). So I know how it feels and I’ve gone through the pain you’re going through =). May be I haven’t recovered still. So lets try together with my tips to control our anger.

Channel The Energy:

This is the core concept. It ain’t easy to control anger in the beginning. So why don’t we channel the energy into something else. Many of the tips following are based on this concept  but I don’t wanna make this a tip as that would reduce the number. Note that each has its plus and weakness.

1.Punch and Kick

A little bit action packed lets say. Although very effective this might become dangerous and even result in one of the problems I mentioned above. Oh damn! may be I shouldn’t have mentioned this tip. Don’t worry I’ve got tips for making it safe too.

When you’re angry and feel like punching or kicking, hurry and look for some soft things like cushions or bed. All those movie scenes where the hero punches a hole in the wall might play in your head but believe me, you don’t wanna do that. You’ll finally end up forgetting this tip and break your fingers or even worse, kick some stone and break your toe nails! May be this is rather an evil effect of anger, not a tip. Anyway just remember, this action has led me to break something big (disclosing it might put me in trouble or at least make people think I’m a psycho) which could have cost me money. So now its not that hard for me to find a bed or at least a wall. Also, never in your life break your mom’s favorite vase or something. I’m clever enough not to do such things.

2.Dragon Ball Style

Goku 9-11-15

This also comes under my ‘Channel Concept”, more safer but equally stupid. You surely have seen how Goku collects energy to fight by shouting like hell. We do the opposite, shout to drain the anger. Very effective and the only con is that it might make you look really stupid. Just try and imagine yourself screaming loud like wolverine or any hero who just witnessed his darling go with another guy. May be you can shed a tear or two. Don’t do this in front of people as some fools don’t know the difference between crying and bursting out. But again, believe me its very effective 😉

3. Listen to Music

music 9-11-15

Although not as effective as the ones above, this can work out by taking a little time. This can be categorized under my ‘Distraction Concept’. Listening to rock, dubstep or trap music might be cool, as they can give the power to crush your bully, in your mind. And rap can call your imaginary gangsta homies to beat him up. But peaceful acoustic music might blow out the fire too quick.

You can also do something like watch a funny video but don’t watch a movie. It might take time more than necessary for controlling anger. Movies are very dangerous, you’ll think you’ll watch just for a minute and then you’ll stick to it till the end.

4.Get Back to Doing Your Job or Hobby

Okay, may be this could’ve been merged with the last tip but we don’t want that do we?

So, this might be the most ‘boring’ tip. Its not easy and it might take a little practice. The funny part is that when you’re angry you will not feel to end it. The inner devil inside you will ask you to put more log into the fire. You’ll start to think more and more about it, how unfair she was to you or how they humiliated you… blah blah. So its definitely not easy. Don’t find pleasure in anger, take some deep breath and divert your attention to something you like, for instance, painting. Art is always a strong weapon against anger and impatience.

You might be feeling if you could put any of these into effect and control anger. Well, the fact is, its not easy. It only comes through practice and change of lifestyle. Never feel hopeless if you are a short tempered person. You will become successful in controlling it some day. You’ll find the inner warrior, or more nicely said the inner philosopher. You are not alone. There are so many other angry people out there who don’t want to be angry (which at some point includes me) just like there are people who don’t mind being angry (which also definitely includes me at some instance).

LOL: Lots of Love



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